I got a Palm Pre…

picture-6…and I put a picture of my dog on it.

I never had an iPhone, but it seems like its at least just as good.  Its a really snappy interface and the card metaphore is really nice.  I feel like they were inspired by the alt-tab in Vista where you see the screens of the apps you have open.  Using that as the basis for the handheld UI is good idea.

You can tell they really spent a lot of time on the details.  There arn’t a lot of options on the screen in each app, just the things you most likely need most of the time.

The keyboard is the same layout as the Treo for the most part, but the keys are rubbery and shallow.  I felt like I had to be careful about punching the wrong key with my big thumbs at first like I am on the treo.  Now I just smash away and don’t worry about it.  I haven’t had a lot of typos — there’s something about the way it feels that I feel more comfotable using the tip of my thumb rather than my nail like I did on my Treo.

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  1. Matt says:

    Alot of cool features.. Im curious how it will stack up in durability with such a lightweight plastic structure.

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